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One day long long ago in a land far far from here
Lived a king in a kingdom of heaven
But his kingdom was of earth from earth
One day a priest came to him and said he had a vision
That to reach heaven a tower should be built
A stairway to heaven
To transcend the big divide

So the king started a culture
In the months of no rain the whole population
Would come to work on the great altar
The link to heaven
The rest of the year the Enders would continue and maintain the building and the food production on the tower itself

After the king died the base was set for the staircase
It was the size of a modern city
About 60 miles across
And many stories up like a modern skyscraper
About 30 stories high
One for every year the people build
One for every year the king ruled

His son wise and young followed in his fathers footsteps
At the age of 30 he took up his father's throne
And his true purpose in life
The great builder of the tower's son
He built a temple on the tower to honor the priest who saw the way to heaven
To heaven and the people that has given their lives
For the tower
The Enders and the common folk
For the people that was born on the staircase and died there

They always said life is short if you live on the tower
But the view from up here is great
And we live one step closer to heaven our mother our father
One step away from earth that gave birth to our fathers, our mothers
We are the Enders we live at the end of an era
We live in the beginning of a new era

And so they build an empire to heaven
One king after the other
All the way up the staircase the people walked up with supplies that could not be grown or raised on the tower
The tower was too tall to grow food or livestock
The air to thin and to cold

After many years in the second millennium
The staircase builders the Enders commons that was working at the top came to solid rock in the sky
Just months earlier a priest had a vision that this would happen
The elders through him of the staircase
Sacrilegious back to earth he fell
2000 years and 30 kings after the first rock laid
This staircase to heaven could not end

The king said it's the floor of heaven
And to reach heaven they need to dig into the rock
There was no carver in the land they were builders
So the king sent of a priest to far lands for someone to carve a staircase into the solid rock

From a far land with a big river they came
From the land of the sun they came to carve the staircase

Many generations came to carve their mark into the tower
The Enders did not like them at first
But as the first babies were born from mixed decent
The peace was made and a New Enders culture was born with new life
A common goal of breaking through heaven was the thread that bound all of them tight together

One day they cut the last stone out of the stone
Just days after a priest had a vision of heaven
This time they carried him down the tower to the people below
They put him on their shoulders

There was sand after the stone
30 feet of sand after 30 years of stone
So it was then that in one day the new enders broke through
They made the 30 feet wide staircase into a man-sized manhole that a woman could fit through
The first priest that looked through had a vision of heaven
Like a desert with the sun shining at mid day
No one to be seen around
In the distance there is a tower a staircase going right up all the way to heaven
Its base clearly visible about 60 miles across
People living on the sides and the base
The top into the clouds into thin air into heaven

There is a stairway to heaven in heaven

About 2004
Inspired by a special evening
Written by me
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Submitted on
March 28, 2011